Kirsten Lloyd


Promoting the many wonderful things this country has to offer hardly feels like work

One of the areas that keep us busy are the businesses that appeal to tourists. It's lucky they appeal to us too. From restaurants to luxury accommodation, we have road tested some of the best. Research-it's just one of the perks...

Some of our clients include:
  • Discover Mildura
  • Business Events-Mildura Rural City Council
  • Regional Victoria Living Expo-Mildura
  • Corporate Haven
  • Indulge Luxury Homes and Apartments
  • Mildura City 
  • Mildura Field Days

Write From the Heart

As a local Mildura resident, Kirsten often gets asked to write 'destination' style pieces, focusing on tourist attractions around her local region. She's been lucky enough to be taken on a guided tour of Mungo National Park and subsequently had an article published, detailing her experience.

Kirsten has also written about Pine Planes, Wentworth, a number of points along the Murray River and many more places that she has 'reluctantly' had to explore. Life can be tough.


'An article written by Kirsten Lloyd, Creative Director of writeimage MEDIA, published in Mildura Living magazine, summed up so beautifully, who we are, what we are about and it gave a wonderful insight… Quite simply this lady knows her stuff!'

Alison and Phil Stone
Discover Mildura


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