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writeimage MEDIA will work with you to develop written content for your marketing collateral, print features and online presence. We can also offer you guidance on strategic planning so that you can connect with the right people.

Sample Works

Mildura Field Days

In 2013 we were approached to assist in the revitalisation of the Mildura Field Days. Our brief was to develop media and promotion, the likes of which they'd never previously attmepted. In a targeted campaign that covered print, radio, TV and online media, we lifted the profile of the event, resulting in a doubling of both exhibitor and attendance numbers in one year. On the back of this, our Creative Director, Kirsten Lloyd, succesfully nominated the Field Days for a 2014 Australia Day award for community event of the year.

Regional Victoria Living Expo

We've also collaborated with the Mildura representation for the Regional Victoria Living Expo 2014.
Our role was to develop promotional themes for the representation and to manage both their physical and social media presence during what proved to be a successful event. We created an eye catcing theme that generated great positive feedback and a tagline that captured their point of difference.

Cultivator Inc

writeimage MEDIA also works closely with Cultivator Inc, an event that invites speakers from both Australia and overseas, to address the challenges of regional living and to find solutions through creativity in design and thought.

This is another event that has undergone significant change, including moving from a bi-annual to annual event. To support the change and the growth of the event, writeimage MEDIA has developed written content for the event's promotional material, including their Overview, website and social media. We have also written features for magazine publication and developed a tagline that defines the event. 

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Cultivator Inc
Where creative minds meet

October 24th, Mildura

This is an event not to miss. Hear how Pam Dorr, Jihad Dib, Kayne Hibberd and Alison Page use creativity to change their world.

Put new ideas into action