Kirsten Lloyd

Tag and you're it.

A tagline is a short, clear statement identifying you. It grabs attention and communicates what you stand for. The most recognisable brands in the world rely on their tagline to give them brand advantage. It tells us who they are, what they do and importantly, why we need them. A good tagline resonates with people and becomes as memorable as the brand itself. What is Nike without 'Just Do it'?

If you have a new business or event in need of a strong, enduring brand position or if you're always being asked what it is you 'actually' do, you could use a tagline.
  • Articulate who you are.
  • Communicate what you do.
  • Explain why people need you.
writeimage MEDIA can create a consistent and engaging tagline that will have people wanting to know more about you. We have worked with schools, events and businesses to create tags that set them apart from the crowd, using words that work.

Words At Work

Below are some sample taglines, we have created for our clients.

Where creative minds meet - Cultivator Inc
Many conversations, one place - Mildura Talks
Where agriculture and community unite - Mildura Field Days
Country living, city reach - Mildura Rural City Council
Where the spirit of learning begins - Trinity Lutheran College


There are four main types
of tagline that you can use.
They can explain your:

  • Function
  • Character
  • Category
  • Ethos or desired result


"The fresh food people"

Aussie Home Loans
"At Aussie, we save you"

Commonwealth Bank
"Which bank?"

Ethos or desired result
Victorian Government
"Life. Be in it"